Villamaria   Colombia

Sweet & Mellow
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£12.00/ 250g
  • Light-Medium

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    Mandarin, White Wine, Lychee + Violet.

    The cherries in this coffee go through a detailed process: first, they're floated, sorted, and left to rest for 24 hours before heading to Villamaría’s processing station. There, they undergo 48 hours of fermentation while still in cherry form. Next up, they're carefully dried on greenhouse beds for about 15 days, followed by 3-4 days in a mechanical dryer. This natural process gives the coffee vibrant floral and fruity notes. Its white wine acidity and violet floral finish make it perfect for filter brewing. You can expect juicy hints of mandarin and lychee, especially when brewed using a v60 for a clean and bright cup.

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