Finca El Oregano   Guatemala

Sweet & Mellow
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£11.00/ 200g
  • Light-Medium

  • Tastes Like:
    Peach prosecco punch + sweet and juicy.
    Stay High has landed on the Brewed shelves, bringing with them this brilliant Guatemalan Natural, delightfully sweet and oozing with fruity peachiness! Grown at a staggering 1700m altitude in the mountainous region of Huehuetenango by Diana and Hector Ovalle, at their farm 'Finca El Oregano'. Stay High's roaster, Tom, discovered this gem on an origin trip with green coffee importer '88 Graines', where he was inspired by the farm's innovative spirit.

    Guatemalan coffees are exceptional, period, and we're thrilled to have this one tucked away in our collection.
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