Gift Membership

Upgrade their coffee game with our gift membership! They'll bask in the joys of personalized coffee picks and sweet sweet mates rates on some of the best coffees from across the UK as well as an account loaded with your gift to spend on whatever they like.
  • 10% off every order, 20% off when they spend £40 or more.
  • Immediate access to their Brewed balance!
  • Schedule when your Gift is sent or send it immediately.
  • £20 gift lasts 2 months, £60 gift lasts 6 Months and £120 gift lasts a full year!

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Ideal for both coffee enthusiasts and newcomers alike, A Brewed Membership is their key to a world of better coffee.

We collaborate with a network of talented independent roasters across the UK and hand-pick their finest roasts. We'll match them with the best beans to suit their own brewing style and taste preferences.

Plus, they'll enjoy mates rates just like all of our members!

Simplified Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Handpicked by us, chosen by them, and available for direct home delivery or in-store pickup.

Personalised Matches

From Cutarras to Pacamaras, we handpick the finest beans from across the UK, guaranteeing every coffee enthusiast the opportunity to savour their ideal cup at home.

Practical, But Fun

Nearly everyone you know enjoys a cup of coffee, making this a warming gift they can truly appreciate daily! Whether it's your mother-in-law or your most cherished colleague... if they savour it, they'll adore Brewed.

Supports Small Businesses

Each coffee gracing our shelves is brought to life by 30+ of the finest coffee roasters in the UK, all small, independent businesses. By gifting a Brewed Membership, you're supporting them too.


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