Rascal Coffee

Rascal Coffee

It’s a family affair at Hackney Rascal Coffee. Founder Alex traces her coffee lineage back six generations to her great-great-great-grandfather, one of Guatemala’s very first coffee farmers! Honouring those ties, she’s chosen to specialise in single origin Guatemalan coffee at Hackney Rascal, sourcing through Coffee Bird, a business working directly with coffee farmers, led by her mum and sister. Despite its relatively small size, Guatemala’s diverse growing regions mean it produces a huge variety of flavour profiles, from coffee with crisp acidity and floral notes to rounded, sweet and fruity brews. One region in particular, Huehuetanango, has such an epic name that we’d encourage you to buy the coffee simply to be able to talk about it. Oh, and it tastes great too.

The High Brewed Bar: All our roasters meet these ethical benchmarks across origin, sourcing, packaging and employment.


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