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Origin Coffee

For a company that's been in the industry for longer than anyone can remember, Origin do a damn fine job of staying relevant and at the forefront of it. We also forget that their home is in Cornwall, far away from the bustle and energies of London's relentless coffee scene and yet they feel so present in the capital. That would have everything to do with their coffee shops, strategically dotted across the city and brilliant in their vibe and quality, we'd highly recommend visiting, their batch coffee is always good. Since the pandemic, they've become B corp certified and were awarded the coveted Queens Award for Sustainable Development which recognises their achievements in the environmental and social spheres. A big tip from us here at Brewed, jump in the car and head down to their roastery cafe in Porthleven, and take in the sea views and beautiful space that these wonderful people have created.


The High Brewed Bar: All our roasters meet these ethical benchmarks across origin, sourcing and packaging.

Beyond The Bar: B-Corp certified.


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