Conscious with coffee

Conscious with coffee

With their diverse backgrounds in design, research, and law, Culainn and Lea, the team behind Conscious Coffee, are reshaping the speciality coffee industry. They're committed to building a sustainable model with their partners that emphasizes fair pay, in-depth education, and abundant opportunity. The name Conscious is more than just a brand - it represents an ethos, a state of self-reflection, awareness, and deliberate decision-making. Their mission extends beyond providing a great cup of coffee, it's about fostering deep, meaningful connections throughout the entire coffee production journey, from the fertile farms to the final aromatic cup. They strive to act as agents of progress, reinforcing the bonds between people amidst our complex and multifaceted world.

The High Brewed Bar: All our roasters meet these ethical benchmarks across origin, sourcing, packaging and employment.

Beyond The Bar: Bee Cause We Care 365, La Margarita Coffee Reserve, Collective Bean.


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