Coffee by Tate

Coffee by Tate

Nestled in their historic WWII Nissen Hut, Tate's Gender Equality Coffee Project (GEP) and Slot Roasting Collective are more than just coffee ventures; they represent community, inclusion, and a brighter future for the coffee industry. Their ethos is rooted not only in the rich flavors they curate but also in the values they champion.

With a specialized team dedicated to sustainability and equality, they meticulously source only the finest Specialty coffees. Each cup speaks of empowerment and respect, transcending beyond its aroma and taste.

Beyond their own roasting, they play host to a dynamic array of slot roasters, infusing innovation and diversity into every brew. Additionally, they offer bespoke coffee solutions tailored for diverse businesses and professionals. Their commitment to quality, community, and the vision of the Tate Gallery shines in every aspect of their work.

The High Brewed Bar: All our roasters meet these ethical benchmarks across origin, sourcing and packaging.


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