Nola Wonga   Indonesia

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£15.00/ 250g
  • Medium-Dark

  • Tastes Like:
    Strawberry, Elderflower + Sloe Gin.
    Nola Wonga marks Wood St's first foray into Indonesian coffee. This washed lot is both sweet and clean, with flavours reminiscent of cooked strawberries and sloe gin! Traditionally, coffee in Indonesia, especially in Sumatra, undergoes wet hulling - where the parchment is removed from beans while they still possess a high moisture content, often leading to a unique and unusual flavour profile. However, this lot employs a more conventional washed method. Here, cherries are submerged in water, floaters are removed, and then the fruit is pulped and fermented in concrete tanks before being washed. The result? A clean, fresh, and complex coffee.
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