Guapacha   Colombia

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£11.50/ 250g
  • Omni-Roasted
  • Medium-Dark

  • Tastes Like:

    Cherry, Black Forest Gateau + Chocolate.

    Guapacha is an extended fermentation natural - hold on a second, just what exactly are you talking about? After picking and separating, the coffee is washed and fermented in sealed barrels for 96 hours. Then, it's placed in a drying box where it dries at 35-40°C for 100-120 hours. This is all part of a fairly new and experimental processing technique pioneered in Colombia, aimed at improving consistency by negating the impact of the ever-changing climate. In this case, the end result is a deep-bodied, classic Colombian bean; a stalwart all-rounder that will definitely wake you up in the morning.

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