Finca Samaria   Nicaragua

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£12.00/ 225g
  • Light-Medium

  • Tastes Like:
    Piña Colada, Red Liquorice + Cocoa.
    Nestled in San Fernando, Nueva Segovia, Finca Samaria is a 45ha coffee farm under the careful stewardship of the Peralta family. Renowned for their unique single-plot, single-varietal microlots, they employ a refined process of raised bed drying and extended fermentation.The Peralta's coffee-growing roots trace back to the 20th century, but it was in 2008 that they ventured into the realm of specialty coffee. Their unwavering dedication has positioned them at the vanguard of coffee innovation, and Outpost is honoured to introduce their meticulously crafted microlots to Europe.
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