Camionetta Decaf   Colombia

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£12.75/ 250g
  • Omni-Roasted
  • Decaf

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    Nougat, Molasses, Pomelo + Dried Pinapple.

    Named after the Spanish term for 'small truck,' Camionetta honors the journey of these microlots from Huila to Caldas. Each lot represents a specific producer's harvest from Pitalito, Huila. Ripe cherries are carefully collected and transported in sealed bags across the central Magdalena valley to Chinchiná, Caldas. Finally, they arrive at Jamaica, the drying station in Villamaría. The Pink Bourbon varietal distinguishes itself with its unique tasting notes, often more acidic or complex than others. This natural sugarcane decaf processed Pink Bourbon is no different. It works exceptionally well for espresso, offering flavors of nougat, molasses, pomelo, and dried pineapple.

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