Araponga   Brazil

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£10.25/ 250g
  • Espresso
  • Medium-Dark

  • Tastes Like:

    Dark Red Berries, Toffee + Milk Chocolate.

    If you’re looking for an Espresso Roast that’s rich and smooth with sweet, fruity undertones, this one’s for you. Hailing from the Araponga region in Matas de Minas, Brazil, this coffee is a real treat. It’s crafted by smallholder farmers who grow Red & Yellow Catuai and Catucai varieties at altitudes between 950 and 1400m. The unique microclimates and high mountains of the Atlantic forest in Araponga create the perfect environment for producing top-notch specialty coffee. This natural processed bean delivers a complex and satisfying taste experience that you'll love.

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