At Brewed, we work with a variety of roasters producing insanely good coffee. The term ‘speciality coffee’ presupposes a number of sustainability credentials, which all of our roasters meet. Individually, each roasterrises above the baracross other ethical concerns that they find personally important.

Fromsocial initiatives, toenvironmental actions, this is what Brewed, and our roasters stand for.



We're not just passionate about coffee; we're dedicated to sustainability and making a difference. Our team collaborates with unique roasters who are committed to both exceptional coffee and the well-being of our planet. And every coffee on our shelves meets these minimum requirements.

Curious about our coffee origins? Our skilled roasters know their beans inside out. Some have direct ties with the farmers, while others partner with trusted names like Kamba Coffee and Raw Material. We're big fans of farming that respects nature, emphasizing soil health and biodiversity.

Ditching the unpredictable C Market, we focus on fair pricing for our top-quality beans, this ensures everyone in our supply chain is treated right.

Packaging? At a minimum, it's recyclable, but many of our partners take it up a notch with compostable and even carbon-neutral options.

We're proud to collaborate with companies that are committed to paying a real living wage, because it's not just about great coffee, it's about supporting great people. With Brewed, your purchase goes beyond caffeine. It's a nod to a community that values sustainability and fairness. Dive into our diverse range of coffees and be part of a mindful movement.