Girls Who Grind Coffee

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Warminster, the home of UFO mysteries and one of the best female-led roasteries in the UK. Sadly, coffee roasting is still a bit of a man’s game but GWGC are here to shift that balance. Not only are their roastery team made up solely of women but they also focus on buying from only female coffee producers in an effort to rebalance gender inequality across the coffee supply chain. This is not just coffee roasted with finesse; the consistency in the level of quality GWGC achieve with each batch is a testament to their skill. This is coffee to get excited about and we’re stoked to have them on board at Brewed.


The High Brewed Bar: All our roasters meet these ethical benchmarks across origin, sourcing and packaging.

Beyond The Bar: Social Impact: Supporting Female Growers


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